Right, so, on the radio today there was a lot of discussion about creation.

It really gets on my wick.. honestly.

If you are a Christian who does not believe God caused all things to exist (ie, create) raise your hand now..

The issue is this: the term “creationist” has been hijacked by a group of people who believe the earth is young (despite scientific evidence to the contrary). This is all well and good, but whether the earth is young or not is a scientific debate, not a theological one.

Young earth creationists use terms like this to terrify people into following their lead. They use loaded terms like “The bible literally says” or “if you dont believe its literal, where do you draw the line..”, and today the best one was, “I dont see any specific demarkation between myth and history, so its either myth, or history…”. Honestly, its tripe and shows extremely bad hermeneutical skills, let alone being tantamount to emotional and spiritual abuse. If you heard a school teacher teaching your child like that, you’d be on to the principal immediately to get them sorted out.

All Christians [should] believe that God caused all things to exist. This is clearly what the Bible sets out to teach us. What it DOES NOT attempt to do is explain the “hows” – the method… the science behind creation. Believing that Evolution is true or that there is an Intelligent Designer, etc, does not mean you are not a “creationist” – it just means that you believe a particular SCIENCE of creation, and this has NOT A JOT OF EFFECT ON YOUR THEOLOGY.

It should not matter to you if evolution is true, its science. It should not matter if the earth is young or old, its science. It should not matter if God went “poof” and everything just appeared. It should not matter if there was a big bang, or if there was not. The ONLY thing that matters is whether or not you believe there is a God, a God through whom all things came to exist, to whom we are responsible as the highest order of beings on the planet, to whom we need to be reconciled. Because this is what Genesis is trying to explain to you.


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