best compliment of the day

Riding along out through Mangere on my way back through the airport, got caught by this guy..

As he past me I said “oh there you are” (because I had seen him catching)

He said “were you waiting for me?”

I said, nah.. I wish.. 

He took off and I couldnt keep up, until we got almost to the airport I caught him. And we rode out of the airport together.

As we are going up the incline going out to Puhinui rd, he says “Man… for a big guy you really ride well”

Then we worked out our weights, and it turns out that while we are climbing up a hill in the same gear at the same speed, I am generating something like 150WATTS more power than him – and still able to converse relatively well. For me, that is a huge thing. I am still 120kg, and he was about 80 (so the power difference could have been 200 W or more even) and being even able to hold my own is huge, let alone have a chat on the way (we were doing 30-45KMH the whole way).


Wicked buzz.

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