The keep religion out of schools (NZ) facebook page

I have posted on this page a few times, but they keep removing them for some unknown reason. Their main goal, according to the page, is to “keep religious indoctrination out of public schools”.

I decided I would post here so my posts can not be deleted by them, and perhaps someone will even read them.

I have several problems here, not the least being keeping religious education out of schools;

1. There is no program of religious indoctrination in NZ schools. There is a totally optional extra curricular class called “bible in schools”, in SOME schools.

2. When they say “religious indoctrination” I am assuming they mean “christianity” – however the word encompasses Islam, Bhuddism, naturalism, evolutionism (as opposed to the science of evolution), atheism, etc. So, they can also rule out “keeping religious indoctrination out of schools” being taught in schools.

3. By removing any religious study/education, you are denying children a proper education of the world about them. Religion in all its forms is part of life and culture. Removing it is to force their particular world view (not sure, but I suspect atheists or at least agnostics in charge here), which is in itself a form of indoctrination.


Teaching children about the world about them, all the different perspectives, the pros and cons of the majors should be ESSENTIAL to our education system. What’s the worse than can happen? A child might learn to put others first? That humility and love are desirable traits to have in their lives instead of anger and arrogance? That they might choose to serve their community because they believe in a god of some kind?

What kind of arrogant egotistical selfish person would want to prevent their children, and other peoples children (many of whom have no objection to religious education which is not forced on people) from learning about what other people believe and why, and how this may or may not enrich the world we live in…

honestly.. some people should be banned from the internet (and schools.. and radios..).

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