I’ve been thinking – a Road less travelled – John Gummer

In our local newspaper the Howick & Pakuranga Times, I spotted an advert with the heading: “How to make old roads seem new.”  Made me think that is exactly what Christ does for us in our lives.


There are three roads that I can think of that Christ transformed from old to new.  Let us take a look at them:


The first is the Samarian woman who was wandering along one day carrying her bucket down the road that led to a well.  Her manner suggested that there was something obviously wrong in her life the way she scuffed along with such a hopeless looking attitude. She had absolutely no idea that something was about to happen, as she carried out her particular errand, that would completely alter her life, and then in turn, the lives of many others. While she was getting water at the well this day, she met Christ the Master.  As He talked with her she heard the most wonderful words of life. As she was hurrying back to the village, the roadway must have seemed so very different to her.  A new road that she stepped down with much lighter steps, for the glory of God’s presence went with her along the way.


Remember too that well known road that led to the tomb of Joseph of Arimathea?  We all have a picture of those women in our minds, who with such sad hearts walked that road to pay their respects to Jesus; the One who had meant so much to them, but now had been cruelly taken away.  Imagine when they finally arrived at the tomb and to their surprise when they met an angel there proclaiming, “He is not here.  He is risen!”  That road must have been remarkably different as they returned! Christ was not dead after all. How much easier it was for them now to believe His presence would never leave them.


And lastly, the road that led to Emmaus.  What a sad journey it must have seemed for those disciples.  They had been blown away by the events that had surrounded the crucifixion. Then all of a sudden, the crucified One, Jesus, was walking right there beside them explaining to them all that had happened. Let us look at their own words spoken after He had left them again, “Did our hearts not glow within us as He walked and talked with us along the way?”  Changed that road from sadness to joy I suspect.


What is the road like that leads from your house today? Does life seem monotonous?  If you are weary as you go about your day perhaps it is because you are walking alone.  As we have seen, old roads can become new roads.  Life takes on a whole new meaning if we allow Christ to walk the road of life with us.   


To Ponder

Is it possible to be surrounded by people and still feel you are alone? What distinguishes an acquaintance from a companion? After this, just how does Jesus rate in your life?


Written by John Gummer – some content is taken from Living God’s Way – Rueben Youngdahl. 


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