Solo Cycling Apparel @solocc

I saw a write up on a blog about this NZ company that makes retro looking cycling gear..

So… I sent them an email because I am always looking for cycling gear that is bigger, and wondered if they had any. I got a reply back from Paul, the owner.

He apologised that they dont, due to manufacturing restraints, which I fully understand. He then noted that he did have a one off Jersey that was large and a demo for a product, and it was mine if I wanted it.

So.. I popped around (their office is 100m from mine it turns out), and met Paul and his wife, had a great chat about cycling and the industry. Got to have a look at next years range of kit and I have to say… its REALLY REALLY awesome.. Paul is inspired by Merckx and the other great riders of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and from things like Mods and Rockers (think, quadrophenia..). 

One jacket was really awesome, it looked like something I could wear on a motorbike (being a motorcyclist as well), but its a merino based windbreaker for the bicycle. Or in fact, just wearing about. Paul’s designs look stylish enough to just wear out if you want, he does…

So.. if you want some really stylish, comfy gear, that doesnt make you look like a moving billboard.. check out SOLO, and support a great NZ based company. You wont be disappointed. Keep up the good work Paul, you rock.

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