I”VE BEEN THINKING “About True Values” 3rd June 2012



Psalm 19:8 The precepts of the LORD are right,

    giving joy to the heart.

The commands of the LORD are radiant,

    giving light to the eyes. NIV



At dinner one night, a couple were discussing their lives.  The wife all of a sudden turned to the husband and remarked, “One day we will be rich.”


The husband took her by the hand and said gently, “Honey, we are rich.  Someday we may have money.”


For some people their values of life are very confusing.  The main reason being, they don’t take time to count their blessings or appreciate how well off they really are.  They must have some kind of intentional blockage that that stops the blessings that God can pour into their lives.


There once was this woman who had a huge problem with her nerves, so distressing in fact, she visited a psychiatrist.  Her biggest problem came when she was at the kitchen bench washing the dishes. After asking lots of questions, so as to ascertain what could cause all the headaches and distress, he learned that she faced a blank wall whenever she was at her sink. The psychiatrist sent her home telling her to have a window cut out over her sink.  Wow, once the work was completed how  her world changed and was enlarged causing her illness to disappear completely.  


The famous American singer from the late 1800’s, Lillian Russell, was once asked how she remained so much at peace in spite of all the problems of life. “I have put a sign on my mental door,” she replied. “Only the serene and lovely can enter here. Thousands of voices try to call me away from my resolve, but I have trained myself not to hear them. I hold myself together, not by straining against the winds of life, but by always sitting calmly in the centre of the storm where there is no wind.”


How different would our lives be if we would only decide to think about the lovely things of life?  When we walk down the street, look at a garden, every day we are surrounded by the beauty of God’s creation yet we see nothing.  We don’t notice that beautiful butterfly, the sun in the sky, the smiles of others around us, and all the other manifestations of God’s wonder and love. 


Rich?  We don’t have to wait!  Count your blessings right now and you will be surprised at just how well off you are.  You will discover really how much God has provided for you as He daily gives to you out of His great richness.  


To Ponder

Will we ever be happy in this life if we wait for all living conditions to be perfect?


Written by John Gummer – some content is taken from Living God’s Way – Rueben Youngdahl.

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