Android Apps for cycling or fitness

I’ve been using a few different apps lately and trying to figure out which ones I like, so I thought I would record my opinion here.

CardioTrainer (

Great app, really reliable, had the occasional problem with it not recording routes because it didnt get a decent GPS lock (phone dependent of course).

Doesnt have much in the way of online stuff, or facebook integration, but does have the ability to post rides/runs/etc to social media. Its reasonably accurate, but can be a bit out.

RATING: 7/10


Cycling or running this is aimed at. The Android app is great. It did crash a few times on my old phone (HTC Desire), but haven’t tried it alone on my current one (HTC ONE V).

It has some awesome features, segments and so forth. Segments are parts or full routes which you register online. As other people ride them with the app, they record times against them, and you can compare yourself. I’ve found it really encouraging, and have even got a few KOM’s (King of the Mountain) myself. Of course, it is open for abuse, people find ways to make routes that no one can beat them on, and claim the KOM. You can report suspicious ones (like ones that end in someone’s house, or look like they were in a car or something).

It has lots of other features and I recommend you check it out. You can follow your mates, or pro’s even, and compare yourself and see how you have improved.

Downsides: Has crashed a few times, and occasionally has trouble getting a GPS lock.

Upsides: heaps of functions, sharing, following, uploads, approx KW usage, and does a reasonably accurate job of measuring “actual” cycling time (by pausing when you pause). Simple to use interface with access to your segments online.

RATING: 9/10

My Profile:

Endomondo (

Another fairly general fitness app. The “staple” app for most people. They run competitions and have a thriving online community.

Downsides: Not cycling specific, and that’s pretty much it 😛

Upsides: Always the fastest app to lock the GPS. It just works. Great online community. Lots of functions with auto upload to facebook. Simple interface, lots of exercise options to choose from, including sports cycling, commuting, mountain biking, stationary biking, etc.

RATING: 8/10

One of my routes:


Velodroid (

Cycling specific app for Android only. There is a review on it here:

The claim by the developers is:


It costs a couple of $ from the app market, but seems to be well worth it. It IS accurate, and the developers are responsive via twitter (and probably other means) if you discover a bug or have a feature to add.


This is my fav app by far, although I use this, Endomondo and Strava usually all at the same time. This app comes closest to the cycle computer stats I get directly from the wheels. Usually it is within a 100m or so of the distance, and .5kmh of the average speed. 

Downsides: Sometimes tricky to get working, but that’s mostly because I am using ICS. On earlier Android versions it was no problem. Interface is not quite as intuitive as some of the others

Upsides: It is accurate, and once you get used to the interface, simple to use. Uploads to, for example:

I really like it, even though it’s pink… err.. man-salmon.. yeah.. man-salmon.

RATING: 9.5/10

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