I”VE BEEN THINKING “About Reflectors” 13th May 2012

Psalm 107:21. Let them give thanks to the LORD for his unfailing love and his wonderful deeds for mankind. NIV


Where all types of ships travel, the coastlines are dotted with lighthouses and beacons that reflect a warning of dangerous rocks and guide ships to the harbour. I was reading about two special lights, that some years ago, were along the New England coast of the USA and were quite different from all the others. Each one is built with over sixteen hundred separate pieces of glass. Behind all this glass is an ordinary wick.  When the wick is lit, the light passes through all this glass.  To make all this work each piece of glass has to be in perfect relationship to the other, the burning wick, and the result being a light visible forty miles out to sea. To create such a powerful warning beam, first there is a flame and the other is a reflector.   


The Bible teaches us that as Christians we should be lighthouses in this world. Like those New England lighthouse we also have the two things necessary.  We have Christ, the everlasting flame of love and truth, and if we are in sync with Christ we will have a heart to reflect all of His power and goodness. Christ’s shining light is always available to us.  When we are down, sad, in difficulties and the depths of despair, His light will always shine through. We can have complete confidence that it is there in any weather and will guide us along the correct pathway. Throughout the years people have set their faith upon: “The true light that gives light to everyone was coming into the world. (John 1:9) This is a highway of faith and a symbol of hope which leads to an eternal destination.


Let me share about a Black American preacher who lived to be ninety years of age and spent seventy of those years in ministry. Over those years he must have preached over ten thousand sermons, but every one of them was on the same text: “Have this mind in you which is also in Christ Jesus.”  Over and over he would tell his people that if they would take Christ with them wherever they went and would try to live like Him – think His thoughts, speak His words, do His deeds – they would discover triumphant living.


The world is overwhelmed with problems and is seeking answers.  Christ is always there if only we would take time to listen to that still small voice, we would hear it clearly, “Put my hand in yours,” He says, “and together we will gain victory.”


To Ponder

What kind of light is reflected from your life? Will it safely lead others safely into the harbour?


Written by John Gummer – Some quotes taken from Living God’s Way – Rueben Youngdahl.


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