I’ve Been Thinking – Are you fooled? by John Gummer

A few weeks ago – April 1st – was the day customarily known as April Fool’s Day. On this day many folk try to play good hearted pranks and tricks on some unsuspecting being.  The rest of us spend the day trying not to fall prey to all this foolery; however it is surprising just how often most of us actually do get caught on this unjustifiable day. 


It would make a lot more sense if that every day we were on alert for all the trickery that that the Devil sets up to trip us.  Satan is constantly and subtly trying to lure us away from God’s truth and to point us to some alternative way which ends in disaster. As we have moved past April 1st we should be seeking forgiveness for all our failings in the past and thanking God that He always offers us a ‘new’ start.


Isn’t the word ‘new’ an exciting one?  New cars, new clothes, new friends, new work, new trips.  However let’s remember that the word ‘old’ is also noteworthy. Can you put a price on what an old friend means to you?  In fact, the older some things become the far greater value they have.


There is a true story about a mother who arrived in the USA from a foreign country some years ago. Upon landing at the international airport in New York, she refused to leave her seat in the aircraft until she could speak to her son, who had preceded her to the USA some years before.  After some delay, the son was located and brought to the plane.  However, when they brought him in, she did not recognise him. It was distressingly disappointing to the son that she did not throw her arms around him and embrace him as she had years ago.  He had just waited for that.  In an effort to assure her of his identity he hit on an idea.  He begun to sing a song that she had sung to him as a little boy.  Her face lighted up; she raised herself from the seat and extended her arms and embraced him.  Now she knew him as her very own!


Our God is so much like a mother.  Whenever we say something that lets Him know that we are very aware of our need for Him, that we have a relationship with Him, He will stand ready to embrace us with His ever loving out stretched arms and give us the guidance we so badly need. 


To Ponder

April Fool’s Day is past so let’s examine ourselves to see if we are fooling ourselves about our way of life.  Is it truly Christian?

Written by John Gummer – Some quotes taken from Living God’s Way – Rueben Youngdahl.



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