First proper ride for awhile…

I havent done more than the usual commute for a bit.. changed my seat to an ISM ADAMO typhoon, and the new seating position did some weird thing to my knee. It seems to have straightened out a bit now, so I did a 63k ride today. I went out to Puke, via Karaka, then up to Bombay and back via Old Gt Sth Rd, about 65k total.



the stop.

The Bombay motorway over bridge

The hardest bit is behind..

The way ahead is beeeeeeautiful..

The next 10.1 km were done at an average of 37kmh – which I am super stoked about.. it is a bit of downhill and a lot of flat.

Anyway, it was great. I got home and the wife and kids were down the beach, daughter on her bike, so I grabbed the mountain bike and cycled down, and did a loop back with Alex, about another 3-4k, and then I loaded a trailer with weeds. I’m tired, and I am happy.

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