Man.. its wicked.

Last week i cycled 150.19 KM. 40K of that was a fun ride with the old mate, Tom from work. It was a public holiday, so that ride was 16km less than I would have normally done on that day. So effectively on a normal week I do around 170KM (100 or so miles). I could double that if I rode everyday and took the long way to work each day.. thats my goal.

This last week’s ride works out at about 6800 calories. My average speed over the week was 25KM – with a maximum of 59.8KMH. Coming home on friday I was able to maintain 38KMH all the way from auckland airport to the traffic lights at the motorway turn off, a distance of about 4KM. Not too bad considering some of it is uphill.


Since I got my new (old) bike, a GHOST GSR Racing, I have slowly been improving, and recently change from a 34/50 crankset on the front, to a 39/53. It does not sound like much but it is a lot harder to turn those things around, especially on hills, however, my cruising speed on the flat and downhill is dramatically better, gone from about 28-30 kmh to 33-38kmh. Once i build up a bit more strength on these, I reckon my goal of 30kmh average on my commute will be done, then I can aim for 35. I’d really like to get my commute down to about 40-45 mins, which means I need to be going about 25% faster.. should be achievable, right?

2.5 years ago I was over 200kg, and I had to have surgery to lose weight. I have never been fit in my life, and now people keep telling me I am, but I now realise “fit” is relative. Fit for me now is riding for an hour or two at 30KMH, not “being able to ride 20km”. So, I am not fit.. I am “fitter” – and I look forward to getting even more fit. I could never get past the pain barrier before, now getting past the pain barrier is half the fun, because once you’re past it, you begin to fly.

Cycling is awesome, everyone should do it, because if I can, anyone can.. ANYONE.. yes you.. you can do it too.. and no, you dont need to wear cycle gear (although it does help with performance later, and is more comfortable).. just get out and do it.. fast slow, solo, in a group, with mates, with spouse, with your kids.. JUST DO IT.

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