a couple of things about riding motorbikes…

1. never assume someone has seen you… they havent.. it does not matter how bright your colours are.. they didnt see you.

2. go to bunnings and get the angora socks – 2 pair for $4.50 – awesome.

3. Alpine star gloves.. rock.

4. If you drive a car… I dont give a toss what you think about how I am riding.. you just concentrate on not driving like an idiot and let me worry about what I am doing.

5. I am not going to sit in a line of traffic freezing my butt off in a howling gale if I dont have to. I know what I am doing.. you just concentrate on NOT trying to kill me and we’ll be fine (ie, drive straight, concentrate on where you are going and stay the hell in your lane – the bus lane is for buses and bikes).

6. when you can drive with the care and skill you expect me to, we can talk, till then.. go take some defensive driving lessons.



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