PovertyCycle Tomorrow, March 5


As you know tomorrow I will be cycling on the Poverty Cycle Auckland Iconic ride, a ride of something over 50km – 50-55km, depending on what route I take.

I was concerned that it was a bit umm… weird? Or at least, I never feel comfortable asking people for money, but even worse at this time with this folks from CHCH and the rest of us facing a national disaster.

Yesterday I received an email from TEAR Fund which said this:

It is very difficult at the moment to think beyond what is happening in Christchurch. In fact we are urging people to pray and give to the very real needs that they have there. As a result of the tragedy, we have postponed the Christchurch Poverty Cycle iconic ride and are unsure when we will run it in the future. 

After much discussion, we have decided to continue with the Auckland, New Plymouth and Nelson rides this Saturday March 5. 

The money raised from the Poverty Cycle was going to children at risk in extreme poverty and to our New Zealand partner organizations [30%], will Brothers in Arms, 24-7 YouthWork and Northpoint Community Trust to aid the most vulnerable children at risk here in New Zealand. With the terrible crisis in Christchurch, funds from the Poverty Cycle will also go to the Christchurch Earthquake appeal and you can donate on the day if you want to.

I think this is great. I know I feel stink because I dont really have any money to give to CHCH, but because of this ride, at least something will be going to help them. So, if you are like me, and not flush with cash, if you choose to sponsor me (its just a donation, no per km or anything..) then the money you give will not only go to help TEAR fund fight poverty, but some of the money will also go to help CHCH. Kill multiple birds with one stone.

If you wish to sponsor me, click here. Not only will you be helping alot of people but you’ll be helping me feel alot better about not being able to help 🙂


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