Right, so, howsit?

Today I completed the 3rd attempt at the Poverty Cycle ride (practice). I realised I had not ridden the “lagoon” section, so I included that and didnt do the useless Puketutu Island bit.. The map is here:


For anyone who is interested, it is 12.4 KM from where I started to the tear fund HQ and back. 2KM of it is about a 5odeg gradient, but I can crawl up it in law gear without too many issues. I have more issues one some of the gravel tracks where I just wheel spin on hills like that and fall off – not fun.

Anyway, its all good.

If you wish to support me for the ride, please go here.

If you wish to donate to help me by a road bike for future events, please contact me 😛 (I need about 1k).




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