Poverty Cycle

I wanted to do something to show how much life has changed for me.

A few years ago I borrowed my mate Gavin’s mountain bike. I cycled down the road about 3 k total. When I got home I could hardly move, definitely nearly died  walking up the 3 stairs into the house.

Now I regularly ride 25km or so (2-3 times a week), and whilst at Radio Rhema I saw an ad for this poverty cycle.

I thought I would give it a go. Now, I intend to cycle the full 50km, so I thought I better see if I can do it, so I have done one 48km and one 44 km ride since then as well as my normal. This weekend I am going to ride the poverty cycle route (mostly because I want to know where I am going) and then the weekend after I am going to do the whole shebang!

If you want to support  me, and do something to help TEAR fund do something about poverty, then click the link below and sponsor me. You can either pay per KM, or just donate. I dont get the money, it goes straight to tear fund via the interwebz.


Send me messages of support or even turn up and watch on the day..


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