Well, I hit 122 KG today, (269lb for you americans, or 19 stone for the Poms..wow, just realise I have gone for 33 stone to 19 stone)

Its really quite amazing, I am now lighter than I have been since I was 20.At high school (13-17), I was between 90 and 110 KG, so its entirely possible I will get to be slimmer than I was at high school.

I still have issues though, my tummy burns sometimes since I stopped taking omprezole, I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to eat a steak or  a roast meal, but I cant.

Oh well.. life’s tough eh?


According to my diet plugin:

Weekly loss: 14 lbs. – Daily deficit: 7000 calories.
You will reach your goal of 220 lbs on 2010-04-16. (75 days early!)
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