I had my final baryium test, to determine whether I still had any leaks in my stomach. As I mentioned in my previous post when they removed the stents they thought they had detected a leak. So.. there are no leaks.. I am NORMAL!!!

Couple of things I have discovered:

1. I can eat bread, whole grain in small quantities.

2. I can eat pasta.

3. I cant eat potato in anything but miniscule quantities.

4. I still sneeze when I cough.

5. Its great sleeping in a bed rather than a recliner.

I havent lost any more weight for a couple of weeks, I am guessing its because I am able to eat more food, and I have been exercising, so some of the muscle I lost in hospital is being replaced.

I thought I would put my new measurements up for interests sake:

…………..Pre-surgery         =>       post surgery  = Loss to Date (cm’s)

Neck:          51                       =>               46             = 5cm

Wrist:         20.5                   =>               18.5         = 2cm

Bicep:         45.5                   =>                40            = 5.5cm

Stomach:    153                    =>                133          = 20cm

Chest:          153                    =>                135          = 18cm

Starting Weight: 205KG

Current Weight: 137KG

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