crusin’ along

Well I visited the bariatric nurse Kate, yesterday, and she was very helpful.

I’ve really got to try and drink more water, but I find it really hard. I made it to 1.2L yesterday, which is pretty good for me. I took my nightly meds last night and the stupid pill got stuck on the metal stents in my stomach, which made me “upchucktheboogie”. Not great, but it felt good afterwards cuz that pill was driving me mad. Such a tiny one too.

Gotta concentrate on protein now, and small amounts eaten slowly. I think I have been trying to eat too much, and then eating it too fast. So today I concentrate on that.

My next mission is to figure out what I am going to do for money. I want to be in ministry, but I just dont know. I need to make some money somehow, especially from home here because its been 10 months with no real income, and things are getting desperate. If anyone has any ideas, drop me a line at geoff (at) gummer (dot) co (dot) nz.

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