Note From Amber – the cuter half 🙂

Hi Everyone – just to update you Geoff has had a complication – there was a small leak in his stomach so gas was escaping into his abdominal cavity and causing him alot of pain.  He went to the doctors first thing due to pain low in his abdomen and his shoulder on July 6th and they sent him straight to the hospital and that is where he has been ever since.  Luckily he has avoided having to undergo surgery again and they have put a stint (sp?) in his stomach and he hasn’t been allowed to have anything to eat or drink.   Yesterday they allowed a couple sips an  hour and today he is allowed a verrrrrrrrrrrrry small glass to drink as well as a few sips and hopefully tomorrow he will get to try some pureed fruit.  So hopefully he will be home in a couple days and can update you all himself 🙂  He was looking much better today then he has since he went back into hospital.


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