First full day at home

Well, I didnt sleep very well last night at all… went to sleep really quick at about 10:30pm, then woke up at about 12, and couldnt really get back to sleep. My mind was just racing and I couldnt get comfortable, there is only one position to lie in, flat on your back. Got up at like, 3am and came out and watched tv.

I weighed myself and according to my dodgy scales I’ve lost about another 2KG, which puts me at 177.9.  This is the lightest I have been since my nanna died 2 years ago.

I’ll do some measurements tomorrow, I just had a shower and measured myself and I was bigger.. obviously the water retention.

Anyway, I feel ok, I dont seem to need painkillers, and I dont feel hungry, although I do still crave something tasty to eat. Like a steak 😛

Keep listening, and I will keep posting


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