Well, today is day 5, not the other day when I said it was day 5. I blame the lack of food.

So, a few hypos in the last few days, mostly down to me not taking meds at the right time, and not eating at the right time. So I reckon if I can keep a better schedule then I can get it all under control.

People (even my wife) are noticing that I look slimmer, and I kinda feel it as well. I dont know what my weight is yet, I should probably go to the clinic, but its cold, and a bit of work towing along a 2 yr old, so I’ll just hang fire another week.

I did have a bad day today though, hypo made me lose a bit of will power and I ate a couple of cookies and a piece of bread. I dont think it will break the bank though, so it should be all good.

I’ll probably measure myself on saturday and see what the stats say.

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