Fifth Day update

Well, today was day 5, I think. I was busy out and about but I made it ok without too much stressing about what I was to (or not to) eat.

Yesterday I went to th zoo for about 4 hours with my daughter, which was awesome, and I didnt have too much problem. I guess the weightloss is now kicking in. I dont really know though,until I get under 180 KG and my home scales will weigh me.

Tonight i chucked some onion, tomato, garlic, peppers, and stuff into a pan, throw in some salt and seasoning, and “fried” it in a teaspoon of oil. Turned out to be really tasty and something I will look forward to later in the week.

Its interesting, but after only 5 days, the 2 cups of veges I can eat makes me feel very full, bloated even. And having something to chew on makes allt he difference.

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