End of Week 3

Well, freaky… only 8 days to go to surgery.. tuesday week I am in..

Its been a real struggle, i’ve been exhausted.. I’ve done so much damage to my lower legs due to things hitting them and so forth. I’ve been deathly afraid of infection preventing me from getting the surgery. However, they seem healed up now so thats good.

I’ve noticed that I need very little food now, to stop being hungry, and apart from diabetes triggers I really dont feel like I need much to eat at all… in fact apart from the rare occassion I really crave something to chew on, I dont feel the need to eat much at all.

Anyway, according to our dodgey scales I am down to 179 KG. Its not all that accurate, but it does show the weight is going down. So far I have come down from 202.5 KG.

So, measurement changes are:

Neck: 52.25cm > 51 cm = 1.25 cm                            Total=2cm

Chest: 153 cm > 150.5 cm = 2.5 cm down.             Total=4.5cm

Wrist: 20.75 cm > 20.5 cm = 0.25cm down.         Total=0.5cm

Bicep: 47 cm > 45.5 cm = 2.5 cm down                   Total=2.5cm

Stomach: 154.5 cm > 153 cm = 1.5 cm down         Total=6.5cm

Not bad work really.

Anyway, we’re getting there.



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