End of week 2

Righty, week 2 has ended. Still cant really be weighed at home…

Measurement change is:

stomach: 156cm > 154.5 = this week, 1.5cm, total loss of: 5cm

Neck: 53 > 52.25 (this is odd as my neck has been 52/53cm since I was like, 20).

Everything else stayed the same.

This week its been very very hard. I am extremely tired, and not able to think straight. I damaged my left leg, firstly by getting a cut on the saide of the foot, then taking a chunk of skin off my shin, and then by getting a huge blood blister on my heel. If you know anything about diabetes and cellulitis you’ll know that this is/can be quite serious. Fortunately we were given some antibiotic cream by mom, and used liberal doses of peroxide (ouch!) and it seems to have calmed down. I can tell now when there is an infection because it takes a huge toll on my system. It really wipes me out, to the point I was afraid to drive even. But anyway, thats calmed down now so hopefully I can get back to the pool tomorrow.

In breaking news, I got myself a Nokia 5800 phone today. I needed a new phone for work, especially one with GPS so I can locate customer premises and stuff easily. This one also doubles as an mp3 player, so I can get  rid of all the extraneous cables and devices in my car, and just have one. YAY. Its my first new phone ever. Hopefully its the start of a new career, a new life, and all things are going to go swimmingly.

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