End of week 1

Right, its now the first day of week 2, and so here’s a stat update.

Neck: 53cm > 53 cm = 0 cm

Chest: 154.5 cm > 153 cm = 1.5 cm down.

Wrist: 21 cm > 20.5 cm = 0.5cm down.

Bicep: 47 cm > 46 cm = 1 cm down

Stomach: 159.5 cm > 156 cm = 3 cm down

Not a bad first week I guess. I am still over 180KG, as thats what my scales measure to, and I am still getting “err”. If I cant weigh by the end of this week I will go to the clinic and see what I am down to.

Some reflections are; I feel a bit like an addict on methodone. I have this almost uncontrollable desire to eat something, so its really really hard. Also, I am starting to have more hypos now, which is a sign the weight is dropping, so I might have to check with the doctor this week and see if its worth dropping some more meds.

I am still making myself a “stir fry” for dinner, and I really look forward to it each day. I cheated a little bit and put some expensive sheep feta on top last night. Man that was YUM YUM YUMMY.

Anyway, tune in for more updates.


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