At least I think it is.

Been fairly good today, no hypos, shifted 2 cubic meters of wood. Took a chunk of skin off my leg, but its all bandaged up and antisepticised. Getting an infection in my leg now would be a massive bummer…

Still a bit grumpy and stuff, but the desire to masticate is not quite so pervasive. I need to get some sleep though, one of the side effects (for me anyway) of sleep apnoea is that if I get a bit tired, I pretty much lose all my will power. I’ve been struggling with all sorts today.

I’ll be getting my laptop back this weekend, so I can take it to hospital. Also, I need it for work, but thats beside the point.

Anyway, thanks for listening 😛 Tune in again at the end ofthe week for measurements and hopefully a weight.


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