WeightLoss Surgery

Well, as of Friday next week, I am on a one month downhill to weightloss surgery.

I thought I might keep a running diary of how its all going, for my reference, and so I dont have to keep answering peoples questions.

Firstly, I should outline my issues:

1. Sleep Apnea: Chronic, had a CPAP machine since 1994? Something like that. I apnea 130 times an hour for up to a minute at a time, at my last test (without machine).

2. Type 2 diabetes: Had this since 1998. Its mostly under control but I have a lot of lows, and that combined with the meds make me grumpy and tired, and not terribly patient. Also, when I get a low, I just have to eat eat eat, compulsively. It doesnt help the weight loss.

3. Bad back: My back hurts from the lower, all the way to the Neck. The worst pain is between my sholder blades – I think this is from typing, with a stomach to large, my arms are on a funny angle to most people to type… I sit further away from the keyboard.

4. Cellulitis: infection in my lower legs due to bad circulation. I’ve been hospitalised twice, and it can be triggered by a bump, bruise, scratch or cut. I live in fear of a little bang to my lower leg.

5. Bung foot: Partially due to dropping a plate on it, edge first, and partially due to circulation and cellulitis. It always aches, and I can walk on it ok, but after awhile, it becomes extremely painful – needing a walking stick painful. I find it very hard to walk around the zoo with my daughter.

6. Clothes: yep, clothes. I have to import shirts from Australia. I have 1 Pair of long pants, 5 tshirts, 3 good shirts,  one pair of shoes, 2 pairs of shorts. I have 2 jackets, of which only one does up., so I find it hard to keep warm. I dont generally go out if its cold any more. I havent worn jeans since before 1998. I have only ONCE owned a pair of Levi’s, when I was in my 20’s. I find clothes uncomfortable mostly.

7. Excercise: I love to exercise, I swim 5 days a week at the moment. But, its a struggle pulling all this weight through the water. I would like to be able to run or cycle – that would be my dream.

8. Cars and Motorbikes: I cant ride a bike because I cant get safety gear to fit. I cant have any old car, because I cant fit.

My goal is, over the next year, to document my progress, and see how this things change.

I am currently 185KG, down from 210KG in Febuary. Lets see how we go. The next step is, starting saturday week, 1 month of OPTIFAST milkshakes, 3x a day.

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