Larry Norman Documentary

Andrew over at the tallskinnykiwi blog notes that there is a new Larry Norman documentary called “fallen angel” by David Di Sabatino.

He quotes this statement by Di Sabatino regarding a controversy over this movie:

“I think that if you or I met the prophet Ezekiel or Hosea brought his whore wife over for dinner or John the Baptist sat at your table and demanded to be fed locusts and honey, we’d call the cops never mind anathematize them. I always ask people when they start parsing the life of Elvis or Bono or some lesser mortals and whether they are heaven bound what their reaction would be if the Apostle Paul showed up a few years after his conversion to speak in your hometown church, and he had been responsible for killing your parents. Not likely you’d be dropping a bundle in the offering that night.”

Quite profound I thought.

link to movie

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