The Day the earth stood still

Well, I think finally Dr Jim West has lost it.

I thought this movie was decent. Reeves acts brilliantly in movies that he has to play a mechanical, expressionless being, Matrix and this movie being case in point.

I thought the story was told well. It appears the key point that they wanted to get across was that “when you are at a crisis point, it is only then you can truly change”. As a Christian that totally resonates with me.

Although, rather than being able to change ourselves, we recognise that we cant change our own nature, only God can change us through the spirit.

I thought ultimately this movie was better than I Am Legend, which pretty much sucked, and was better than hancock too. I’m a will smith fan, but he seems to have gone downhill lately.

It appears that the only way you can get a half decent movie is to rehash one from years ago.


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