Life on other planets

Yet again, the “christian-philosophy” mailing list owner, brother Dave the jesusonian comes up with the goods:

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> > > > Dear Christian Philosophy members,

> > > > Page-812 [Some societal rules on a neighboring planet, which is very similar in problems and development to Earth] Marriage and divorce laws are uniform throughout the nation. Marriage before twenty [twenty years on that planet may be about 30 years here]

> > > Dave.. a neighbouring planet?

> > Geoff,

Yes. In our local universe of 700,000 local universes (just in

this beginning Supreme age) there are in each local universe 100 Constellations with many human inhabited planets, and each constellation has 100 systems of 1000 human planets when completed.

Our system is young and has now only 619 different planets with human life. This neighboring planet mentioned is in our administrative system of planets; but most likely several to hundreds of light years away. One light year is about six trillion miles. 6,000,000,000,000 miles. Even more shocking is another revealed statement that there is another human planet in very close proximity to us ! I interpret this to mean in our solar system ! OOOEEEOOOEEE (“Outer Limits” music)

Because Earth is still in a partial spiritual quarantine, I do not believe that any other humans from other planets have yet physically visited us in “UFO” spaceships. Most other inhabited planets are much older in life development, and thus are far ahead of us in spiritual, moral, social and intellectual capacities. They are wise and obey the quarantine to stay away from visting us (savages) on earth. “View from afar, but don’t visit Earthlings!” and “Danger! Don’t feed them.” Ha ha When we much progress here into God’s and Jesus’ Light and Life, we will then see them come visit us. They might smile equivalent and say “goo goo” to us baby sons of God on Earth just advancing into Light and Life.

Oh, on the very good word “danger” that I typed above, why do the stupid liberal news media persons now use “at risk” or “harms way” ?? I refuse to use those silly new terms and also (other more liberal lingo words) “ludicrous” and “extremist”

Peace and progress, without UFO visitations,

Brother Dave

Oh My Lord. What can I say? It sounds like a cross between scientology and new age baloney. I feel quite sorry for him.

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