So many people seem to be complaining lately about the state of drunk people, and the mess they leave behind.. these same people probably hate violence (especially family violence), people dying in car accidents, etc. And they probably enjoy a glass of vino or a beer with their mates too.

What gets me is that this is hypocritical. If you go and drink, you condone drinking. You say “its ok for me” – and the next guy says “well it must be ok for me too then” – then he gets drunk and goes home and beats his wife.

If we want to really do something about it we should voluntarily stop drinking, stop being hypocrites, and stop condoning this thing which causes so much evil in society.

note: I am not against drinking, a glass of red wine for example has proved benefits, BUT I think that the benefit is outweighed by the evil, so I refuse to be seen to support it.

ps… tomato.

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