well, two and a half weeks ago, I woke up shaking and shivering. I knew i had an infection in my leg (again), so I held off until first light, and went straight to the doctor. He referred me to hospital.

The next 3 days I had a temperature of 40degC. No sleep. The next 3 days I had a massive asthma attack AND a temperature (around 38). Still no sleep. Here endeth the first week of misery.

the next 4 days my temperature stabilised and i spent 99% of it on my back with my leg above the level of my heart. Finally started to get 1-2 hours sleep a day. On the 10th day I got about 4 hours sleep which sorta restored me to normality.

I returned home then, and have been here for a week now, still lying with my foot in the air. Trying to do some work from home because I cant afford to lose pay.

God has been good, he provided me with wonderful nurses, especially Nancy. I’ve had a lot of time to pray and reflect on life, especially my priorities.

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