Jesus and Death

I’ve been reading Oscar Cullmans little book on death. I cant remember its name offhand though, sorry.

He says that Jesus was afraid of death (comparing Jesus attitude to death to that of Socrates). I’ve been reflecting on this, and I dont agree.

See, Jesus knew he was going to be raised from the dead, He said so himself. So dying itself isnt really a biggie, right? No, in fact, what I think Jesus was afraid of was 2 things, the lesser being given into the hands of human beings. Secondly, and most importantly Jesus did not want to be (and especially die) a sinner, separated from God.

THIS is what cause him to “sweat blood”. As a punishment, the knowledge of God and the cost of separation to Him is enough to cause Jesus to react the way He did. Imagine the horror of the unrighteous at Judgement day.

To come into the presence of God, and TRULY know him (which we all will at judgement), and then know we will be destroyed – it wouldnt surprise me if the human mind melted down at the thought of it. The horror of all horrors. Who needs a burning lake of eternal punishing? Not God. He doesnt need to punish people for all eternity – thats not a loving just God, thats a vicious megalomaniac.


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