Super Secret Intelligence Gathering in NZ

Today some protesters damaged a “secret intelligence gathering base” in Waihopai, NZ. The article is here

The government and the agency involved say “We’re not spying for the Americans”:

“Opponents of the Waihopai base argue that it is primarily feeding information to the United States in support of wars New Zealanders do not support.

But the secretive Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB), which operates the base, near Blenheim, rejects this.”

Supposedly the protesters are just trying to make us aware of it… because supposedly the tax payer is tacitly funding the american war on terror…heh.

He goes on to say:

“Mr Caddie told NZPA news agency the action took about two months to plan and the group did not really expect to succeed.

“We were expecting not to get anywhere close to it.”

The planning involved a lot of texting, emails and phone calls, which were not intercepted, he said.

“I guess it shows that the system doesn’t work that well.”


Its not an intelligence gathering station for the americans intercepting all his phone calls and spying on him.

I think the only intelligence gathering that needs to take place is from Mr Caddie himself.


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