Banned from the CHristian Philosophy Mailing list ?

Here is the official reason:

Member Geoff is banned from posting here for one week, six days now

remaining, for repeated violations and after having many private

warnings by both Karen (our moderator) and me (list owner) over the

last 4 months or more.

See below, where Geoff replys to Andre and all Members here:

>This is the Jesus of Scripture, not the Jesus of Urantia, or

>anyone/anywhere else. If you are outside the box, you are against


Geoff here, and many times before, has unfairly and preemptively

judged as “against Jesus” the clear majority of Members here who are

not “boxed in” to the concept of “inerrant scripture” only. You may

argue for or against all scripture/Bible doctrines, if civil and

brotherly; but you shall NOT call any person here “against Jesus”

or “anti-Christian” unless that person has first clearly stated here

that he/she is against Jesus ! Then, that person would be removed

from here by me; (after giving private warnings) as this is, #1

first and last, a CHRISTIAN and PRO-JESUS group. This policy of mine

is so tolerant as to allow sincere Islamics here, or any other

religionists, who only regard Jesus as a great Prophet or spiritual

Teacher. We Jesusonians here Know that He is our Sovereign God,

Creator Father, Eternal Friend, Elder Brother and very much more,

ever being spiritually Revealed here in stages. But anyone saying

they are “against Jesus” is worse than a non-Christian, they are Anti-

Christian. Geoff must learn to allow God and Jesus as One in Spirit

here to be the actual and real judge of which humans are really

sufficiently FOR or against Jesus Christ and His Supernal Teachings

in God’s Spirit. (not “boxed-in” to just one human-compiled

scriptures into a book of about only 1200 printed pages and called a



Its sad that an intelligent guy believe this tripe. Its even worse that he can do it in the guise of Christianity.

Christianity is based on the life, work, and teaching of a first century Jewish Seer named Jesus, called the Messiah. All we know of this is contained within the body of work called “The Bible”.

Dave would have you believe that this is not true. I know I prefer historical fact over the ravings of a heretic.

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