Larry Norman is Dead

Larry Norman died on the 25th of Feb at age 60.

As a musician and a Christian, Larry Norman meant alot to me. He showed me that you can be real, speak the truth, and play great music.

Too many christians today are all about the “feel good” factor, and thats ok to a point. Larry sung about sin, and the devil, and salvation. He marvelled at the nature of Jesus, and warned us all to be ready for judgement. He did these things openly, honestly, and as himself and alot of people got upset about it.

But I loved it. Before becoming a Christian I was in a rock band and it was/is important to me that not only the music is honest and quality, but that the lyrics are meaningful, and from the heart. Larry Norman was that kind of musician.

Larry, I’m glad you are now with Jesus, your last years must have been hard, but now you have your portion, and thats all our goals. You will be missed, peace be with you.

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