Ghosts and Stuff.

I just watched the latest ghost hunters international.

They went to a place where, supposedly, the devil himself lives.

First time ever I heard one of them say, “In the name of Jesus I command you to leave…”. It made me giggle a bit.

But anyway, I was reminded by my wife of when we were newly married and living on campus at seminary.

We were aware of many “odd” things going on. Many people would have thought the place to be haunted but we knew/know better. Apart from the usual mysterious goings on, we noticed some very odd non normal mysterious things:

1. In the mens dorms, all of one side of the corridoor got sick.

2. In the girls corridoor there is only rooms on one side, in every alternate room the occupant got sick.

3. People started fighting and arguing for no apparent reason, and quite out of character.

4. My wife awoke to see a man standing over me in the middle of the night. He disappeared before her eyes.

5. My wife refused to leave the room alone after dark because she felt she was being watched. 3-4 of the other wives in the married quarters felt the same.

6. While sitting praying in the Library, I looked out the window and saw what appeared to be a pentagram painted on the lawn in white paint. On further inspection it appeared to be floating above the ground. A little later I noticed 2 friends of mine standing on this piece of grass, hands in the air, eyes closed praying. I went and asked them what they were doing, they replied “we were walking around the place praying and we felt there was something odd here, something demonic, so we prayed against it”. I told them what I had seen.

7. A few days later I saw my friends prayer walking again and my wife and I joined in. We noted way at the back of the grounds and old shed that was falling apart and no longer used. We felt there was something wrong there and we all prayed that should that shed be “wrong” that God should remove it. A few days later it was removed. I asked the grounds caretaker about it, and he said that they had plans to remove it, and when they went in side to start demolition, the found pentagrams, 666, and odd symbols carved into the walls and floor. They found candles and other stuff that suggested it had been used for some ritual of some kind quite recently.

8. One of the wives was leaving the grounds, and it was raining. She saw a lady walking up the drive and offered her a lift in the car. The person responded “I will NOT ride with you, christian”. The Christian lady said the person fairly spat the words out as if she had put soap in her mouth.

9.A little while later I saw my friends prayer walking in the evening. My wife and I joined with them again. It was a moonless night and there was little light from the campus, but no shadows. However, while praying we could see shadows moving in the shadows. It is odd I know, but it is something the ghosthunters mention quite often. We basically performed an exorcism of the grounds that night. We noted that within a day everyone who was sick got better, and all the bickering and fighting stopped.

I dont believe in ghosts, but I do believe in demons. The bible tells us that there are only alive people, dead people, angels and demons. Alive people dont haunt. Dead people are dead and cant haunt. Angels have no reason to haunt. Demons purpose to distract people from God by any means possible, haunting, appearing like aliens, etc etc.

I think we decieve ourselves if we look at it any other way.


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