thoughts for the day

1. why am I so useless?

2. why cant I code worth a damn?

3. why cant I get into full time ministry?

4. why do people persist on spiritual/emotional blackmail in churches?

5. why cant I live in a country where I can earn enough money to support my wife and child with out them having to work?

6. WHY!!!! do governments feel that they need to control people to such a degree that they try and legislate themselves back into power (like the NZ Labour Gov)? Why dont they listen to the people who are going to vote for them?

7. I’m going to vote national. Not because national are any good. They are crap. But because i’d rather choose a bad man than the very devil himself.

8. If anyone has any good resources regarding “let your yes be yes, and your no mean no” please flick me the links.

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