Luther, Sermons, and Love.

Conrad Cordatus said to Dr. Martin Luther, “Reverend Father, teach me in a brief way how to preach.” Luther responded briefly, “First, you must learn to go up to the pulpit. Second, you must know that you should stay there for a time. Third, you must learn to get down again.”

Keep it short!

If your sermon is more than 20 minutes long, you a: picked a too broad a subject, b: you dont know the subject well enough, and d: what happened to c:, c: ahh there it is. And finally e: you just lost most of your audience.

I have to remember this myself, because I tend to waffle along if I dont know m y subject well enough.

Question, what do you mean when you say, “I love you in Jesus”?

Answer: “I dont like you but I am going to try and make myself look good by saying “i love you” and attempt to be as condescending as possible by adding “in Jesus” at the end.

What it -should- mean: I will be patient and kind. I will not be jealous of you, or boastful, and I will be humble in my relationship with you.I will not be rude or selfish or easily angered, and I wont hold things against you. I will remain truthful with you, and always protect, trust, hope, and persevere.
(paraphrase of 1 Cor 13.)


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