the middle east

The funny thing about the middle east is that it isnt really middle at all.. its more like, extreme.

We should just call it the “extreme east”.

What a cool cease fire..
“ok Israel, you can leave your soldiers there until the (largely ineffectual) UN forces arrive. And Hizbollah, you dont shoot them.”
We blow up any Israel on our land.
If they shoot us we’ll shoot them.
Hey look, there will be no shooting!! Please! We’re asking nice.
Ok, we wont shoot unless we find Israel Soldiers on our Land.
Just ignore those soldiers of ours still on your land.

Its crazy isnt it? Its been like 18 hours so far, and all is well, except for 4 clashes or forces and some rockets being fired.. *sigh*

I think they should just be left to sort it out themselves.


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