The Knowledge of Good and Evil

What is it?
Something I havent been able to get my head around for quite some time.

I know that Adam and Eve knew what was right and wrong, God told them (do not eat of the fruit, etc). So its not that.

So.. it must be some knowledge that is “spiritual” because it relates to the “opening of their eyes” – however, they were not blind, so thats metaphorical.

Also.. it seems to be something they experienced.. so, its a Spiritual experiential knowledge..

Reading about the preacher in Ecclesiastes, he talks about life being “vanity and chasing after the wind(Spirit – life that is given by God)”. This book is a sort of commentary on Genesis 1-11. And it seems that what the preacher is saying is that because we are born apart from God, our lives are purposeless, chasing after some Spiritual life which we can not have because we are “born to die”.

So, I now understand “knowledge of Good and Evil” to be the knowledge that human life no longer has purpose, and that we are born to die apart from God. This is the Spiritual experiential knowledge that Adam and Eve did not have.

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