Christmas and the death penalty

Couple of things..

Christmas.. You know, despite all the other baloney, the western world celebrates Christmas because it is the birthday of Jesus of Nazareth. Alot of people like this holiday.. you get a day off work, governments get alot of extra tax, retailers make about 40% of their years takings around this time of the year, etc. But.. alot of people just want the holiday, and the cash without mentioning Jesus.
Funny eh? Imagine “thanksgiving day” just being “turkey day” with no reason for it. Or independance day just being fireworks day. Or Queens birthday (for us in the Commonwealth) without a Queen. Doesnt make sense really.
Its a remembrance of Jesus birthday. Get over it. Not many people get a holiday named after them, and celebrated for several hundred years. Hell, we measure history by his birth year. Give him a break.

Just as an aside, if God was to appear in totally human form, what would you expect this human to be like? leave a comment. Here’s my list:

1. He’d be sinless.
2. He’d do miracles.
3. He’d know and predict the future to a high accuracy.
4. He’d say the most profound and amazing things ever.
5. He would be remembered and acknowledged as a person who changed and/or influenced history more dramatically than any one else.

Death penalty.

Well.. recently (friday) a young aussie guy was put to death for importing heroin into Singapore. I am of the opinion that humans are only allowed to take the life of another IF that person has murdered someone else. See one of my previous blogs on that. Some might argue that ultimately he would be responsible for killing someone thru importing drugs… but thats just guessing. You need CERTAIN proof.

However, in saying that we are also told that we should respect the rules and laws of others. If you break someone elses rules, and its not “accidental” or “ignorance” then, well.. you’re stupid and you deserve your punishment.

Should we protest this guys death? Sure, we should point out to Singapore that killing this guy was outside whats acceptable. But did he break the law and deserve to be punished by the laws of the country? Yes.


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  1. Buachaill Avatar

    About holidays… I do think people should understand the point of holiday, before celebrating it.

    I’m not Christian, although I believe in God. I don’t celebrate Christmas, but since government makes this a day off, it’s still a day off. 🙂 You go and have fun…

    About God in human form… I don’t believe God can be wholly expressed as a human entity. However, I think every human is a limited expression of God. And it gets all the penalties of not being pure. We can develop love in ourselves and get closer to the pure shape… But never exactly turn into Him. Thus, He can’t turn into one of us.

    However, I do think that such a saint person could do miracles. But there’s a question: who’d need them? I mean, what kind of miracles? Levitation? If there was one such person who could do it at will, I don’t think he would be allowed to make practical usage of it. Humanity in whole might not be prepared for that. I believe that, in this sense, humanity is controlled by what we usually call “disaster”, “luck”, etc. If we still don’t have a decent technology to flying cars, it might only mean that we are not ready for that spiritually. Every thing has a price…

    About death penalty… He had a choice. He knew consequences… Don’t trade drugs. It’s our children and it’s your children. My 2 cents…

  2. interesting that you should mention:

    Independance day – We have the equilivant in the UK, being Guy fawks night… it is however usually refrerred to fireworks night and really is just fireworks without a reason for many people.

    Queens birthday – I live about 30 miles from where she resides and have absoloutly no idea when her birthday even is! i dont think we even get that day off at all.

    For me and alot of people, christmas has nothing to do with christ what so ever. It is about giving and family, not to celebrate the birth of someone we do not believe in.

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