why become a christian?

A guy at work asked me this.. man.. what a question.

My answer was, that some time people come to realise their life has no purpose. That there must be something “greater” out there. Not only that, but they realise they aspire to something other than the normal human drudgery, and realise they need something or someone external to influence this.
This leads people to many other belief systems than just Christianity of course.

So, my friend asks, why Christianity then, why not buddism or something else?
Well, another hard one. Christians believe that they have a relationship with a living being. We can talk to, listen to, learn from, and be guided by a living being, by our God. This is something no other religion can offer.

So then he says, “what might convince me then, that God is alive?” – and there is only one answer to that. Virtually ALL Christians, without fail say that they have had at least one experience with God. At some time or another, God makes Himself known, and real to us. Thats why we are convinced. I guess its similar to alien abduction – they think they experienced something real, and nothing can convince them otherwise.

So, he says, what makes God talk to me, if I read the bible alot, or go to Church or pray alot?
Well, sure these things help. Not in a “performance” way, but in a relational way. Christianity is about a relationship with another person, God. The more time and effort you put into the relationship, the more likely it is that communication will take place, and the more harmonius it will be. The more likely you are to be able to discern what is God, and what is “self”.

So, whats the bible about, he says. Well, in short its about the relationship between God and humanity. I think of it like a relationship gone wrong. In the beginning, God created the world (with humans on it representing Him, like a viceroy). God is like the husband, and humans are like his bride. But then, humans slept around, and God being the kinda guy he is had to divorce the bride, regardless of the fact that he loves his bride so much.
God then started a process of reconciliation with his bride, because he wants things back the way they were, even to the point of paying off any debts owed because of the adultery. Eventually, those who believe and trust that this is what God is doing, and has done, will finally be restored to their right place as beloved Bride.


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  1. Yar, what about a polytheistic religion? They have multiple gods, including one religion where the entire creation story is that all the gods get drunk and have lots of sex and BAM, we’re here.

  2. Buachaill Avatar

    a) Do believe that anything that happens is in accordance with God’s will,
    b) Follow the love.

    The rest is non-essential and individual.

    My 2 cents. 🙂

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