New Government

Well finally.. we got a new government.. hopefully now my student loan tax will disappear..

but.. Winston Peters.. in cabinet?

I dunno about you, I’m terrified. The guy is a madman… I’m a bit concerned at his sanity.

Why do people get into politics anyway? Because they think they can genuinely do a better job of running the country? Or because they think their way of running the country is the best way?

That was the problem with this election. NO ONE seemed to be able to do a better job.. it was just who you thought the lesser of all the evils were. That is, out of the different ways people thought they should run the place, you get to choose the least offensive, or personally most beneficial for you.

NONE of them actually did anything for the country.


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  1. Buachaill Avatar

    I don’t know about New Zealand, but where I come from, people go into politics because of power. Making country better is secondary, at best.

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