Well its been awhile

Yeah.. its been a long time. Election tomorrow though. I’m gonna vote for United Future, in the hope that labour gets in, but they wont, so national will and I’ll end up with more cash.. so its a win win. 😛

You know, I cant understand how so many people live their lives the way they do. They dont seem to have any point.. why study? Why have kids? What do you do? Go to school, study, get a job, drink, take drugs, have a family… but for what? To ‘populate the world’? hell, thats been done already. So why?

I dont know.. I used to be like that. I got so stoned for years and years.. i’ve taken more drugs than timothy leary. I did it firstly to make myself ‘happy’ – then as time went on, i felt like i could expand my mind and reach some other state of being.. a better person.. and that was my goal.

Didnt work though.

The answer found me eventually though.


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