For those who dont know, its a game I play. For the most part the peopel there are great, made some excellent friends.

But.. it preturbs me. This is a free game. The people who administrate it spend countless hours and $$ to provide it for us. Rather than just say “oh you made a mistake.. and it annoys me but I’ll get over it” and move on. People insult, attack and are EXTREMELY rude to the admins. They seem to think its their right to play. They go on and on like a bunch of whiney old women who have nothing better to do with their lives.

It REALLY sucks. I really cant believe that people have so little respect. ESPECIALLY those who are in staff positions, ops, testers, mods etc. You all need to step AWAY from the computer.

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  • Folsov Link

    I quit earlier because of the whining 😛

    …came back out of guilt of leaving at a bad time.

    Stayed because of the times I had with the Kill Jerle team.

  • lenlenchan Link

    I occationally quit it too… not only because i gotta, but because it gets on my nerves.

    I don’t really talk to Squee… um, don’t ask about Jerle <_<, and I talk quite a bit to Lanna... I really do feel sorry for them :( For all i know, I don’t think Aelanna has had a holiday for 4 years or something :S

  • iYRe Link

    Yeah it sux. I dont really talk to any of them.. but my job means I have similar pressures… add to it that I get paid and EXPECTED to work harder.. doesnt make it easier..