post election blues

Well we got ourselves a hung government..

Some things are clear to me..

1. there are alot of selfish people who will take cash over whats good for the country.
2. NZ (especially the Maori) dont believe we are ready to be “one people” just yet. And I agree. Question to Dr Brash, if you become Prime Minister and your abolishing of Maori seats in Parliament results in a Civil war, or increasing racism and discontent, how will you fix it?

Because.. thats whats going to happen.

3. People are sick of the Labour parties increasing “pc’ishness”. Try calling a spade a spade not a “gender neutral digging device”

4. And most importantly.. a large chunk of New Zealand couldnt find anyone worth voting for.. and THAT is a serious indictment on the steaming piles of wombat doo that these people pass off as “policy that the people want”.

You know… we’re NOT STUPID. We’d far rather that you used the 7 bill to fix the roads, and the health system, and the education system, and the superannuation system, and made it easier to buy your first home, etc etc. We dont mind paying tax if its used to benefit the people of this country. But using it to buy votes SUCKS.

I’m thoroughly sick of the whole thing.

Oh yeah.. and dont get me started on the greens.. the most useless organisation that ever existed.


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