Million Dollar Baby

I watched this on the weekend. Thinking.. this has gotta be a load of rubbish. But it wasnt.

I really enjoyed it. Especially the scene in the end where Clint is talking to the priest.. anyone who says Clint cant act.. well… he proves y’all wrong there.

I feel sorry for the people of New Orleans and the surrounding area.
Just goes to show, though, a couple of things:
a: allowing ppl to have guns is a BAD idea.
b: People are NOT basically good… any chance we get, we start doing evil stuff.

Sad. Lift your eyes up to the One who can help you through.

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  • Folsov Link

    I got the gist, but you really are generalizing a lot of good people.

  • iYRe Link

    I really dont think there are terribly many “good people” harsh as that may seem. As soon as people get put in a similar situation “good” goes out the window.