Finding Neverland

Great movie..

Never used to like Mr Depp all that much.. but lately I have to say… I am finding myself in awe of him.

Gotta guestion… as an op of an IRC channel, I am asked to maintain a “family” atmosphere for this particular channel.
Well… some people complain that we are too strict (the ones who think they should be allowed to be as abusive, rude, foul mouthed and annoying as possible), some dont care (because they are intelligent enough to have a conversation without the above). However, I find that if I let people get away with stuff thats “borderline”, they and/or others quickly begin to degenerate.

So.. how much of peoples “intention” should I be required to intuit and police? I mean.. people say stuff thats borderline, but the intention is OBVIOUSLY to push the rules, to shock, and to do so knowing they havent *really* broken a direct rule.

IMHO I have to try and intuit their real intention, the convince them that I know their intention, then find the appropriate action. And do so with out being percieved as anal.

Did I mention these are mostly people between the ages of 17-23?
At least half of them are still in their “rejecting all authority” stage. Hehe.

I’m too old for this I think.

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  • Folsov Link

    Rofl, you got owned by spambots iYRe 😛

    They bug me too 😉

    anyways, I think because the mods themselves on average tend to lack an ability to keep things family friendly in their own conversations makes others not think too highly of them, eh?

    That, and then there’s ES, aka the mod squad XD

  • iYRe Link

    well, you know, we’re people too.. and we can keep things to a “reasonable” level in our own conversations..

    its just people take it further. We’re trying to tone down ours though.